And Still I Rise

And Still I Rise | May 22, 2015

Nikhil Bapna 25 years old, India

Imagine a bird learning to fly. No, the hatchlings are not born with the ability to fly, they need to persevere and learn. It demands will and untiring determination to take that first leap. Inevitably, they fall. Crashing to the ground for the first few times. Yet, they must rise again, climb up and take the plunge.

Engulfed in these thoughts, engendered the idea of dedicated perseverance which brings out the best in us; beyond all hurdles we face, every fall that we take, we emerge stronger and better.

The design is inspired by “a feather” which symbolizes the spirit of youth - untamed and relentless. As every feather counts in a bird’s flight, our every effort counts for our success. As we achieve our goals, the honours, the medal, we wear like a feather in our cap!

“Most are satiated with the basics of flight, but few choose to master the art. For them, flying is life!"